Pavla moved to Canada, from the Czech Republic, in the summer of 2010.   Born and raised in a rural farming village, in the East of the Czech Republic, Pavla grew up with strong community values and a hard work ethic.  After high school, she studied Hotel and Restaurant Management Trade School and graduated with honors. PavlaWebWhite.jpg

Pavla's past work experience in Prague included being lead support for a large, international law firm in which she handled all adminstrative responsbilities for a large team of busy attornies.  Her ability to tackle tasks and handle them quickly and efficiently proved to be a huge asset for team.   

Pavla works alongside Dan as an Unliscensed Assistant.  Her philosphy is, "More important than the property that you are purchasing or selling today, is the service that you will receive before, during, and after the transaction is complete."  Pavla's abiilty to organize and systemize, helps Dan's business run smoothly and efficiently, which in turn ensurues that the service you will receive, will be excellent throughout the entire process.   

Known for her very high energey and fun personality, Pavla loves getting outdoors to recreate.  Some of her favorite hobbies are hiking, dowhill skiing, cross country mountain biking, and cross country skiing.  Recenlty, Pavla took up pottery and is already becoming quite a pro!   

Pavla and Dan got married on the Kicking Horse River, behind the Natrualy Bridge in Field BC, on August of 2011.